A bit late on these photos, but these are from Washington DC. Arlington, Virginia, actually, but the main reason I went was to go to DC to visit American University. I ended up not taking photos at AU because there was a lot of construction and no good angles to take photos at. Though, I know I should have. Things turned out to be great and AU is my #1 choice of school. Problem is: finance. I’m not the child of a pilot or a government leader or anything like that, so I don’t have the money, which kind of sucks, but I’m hoping to get a scholarship. To be honest, I’m going a) because they have a good psychology program and I can always change my major if I feel and b) this boy, this boy. He’s not the main main reason, but I have a good feeling about him. I really do. Will I get the money or the scholarship to go? Hopefully I will. I’m praying.


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